Characteristic Strengths of Sanko Estate

Three Characteristic Strengths of Sanko Estate

Proactive action

Sanko Estate conducts leasing brokerage for approximately 1,600 spaces totaling as much as 200,000 tsubo (approx. 661,000m2 or 7,116,000ft2) annually throughout Japan. The area is estimated to be equivalent to 10% of the total office area contracted for leases annually in the major cities of Japan.

This achievement is a result of the efforts of our nearly 200 leasing brokerage staff nationwide providing clients with the best services through quick proactive action based on our deep knowledge of the properties. These efforts will continue going forward.


Sanko Estate introduced computer systems 30 years ago, ahead of anyone in the industry, and has accumulated information on approximately 100,000 office buildings throughout Japan. We keep the information updated, which includes “exclusive information” as well as publicized information. Based on the latest available property information, we propose office spaces that match the requests of our clients.


Sanko Estate negotiates with landlords in an effort to allow our clients to conclude contracts for the office spaces they favor, with terms and conditions that are reasonable and acceptable. With our strong presence in the office leasing market, we receive repeat business from many clients.

Contract Processing Flow Chart and Outline of Our Services

  • Step 1:Clarify Basic Strategy
    • Interview the client to understand their requests (including location, office area, budget for rent and move-in date)
    • Explain the office leasing market situation
    • Check and confirm the basic strategy for leasing

  • Step 2:Select Candidate Properties
    • Present possible properties

      * List properties that meet our client’s requests from among the accumulated data based on the latest information including what is exclusive to us.

    • Narrow down candidate properties

      * Narrow down the listed buildings to select candidate properties that best meet the requests

  • Step 3:Perform On-Site Inspections of Candidate Properties
    • Guide the client to each building selected as a candidate property to have a look inside

  • Step 4:Negotiate Terms and Conditions of the Selected Properties
    • Negotiate leasing terms and conditions of candidate properties

      * Further narrow down the candidate properties and negotiate and clarify the leasing terms and conditions to determine the final candidate property

    • Determine the final candidate property

  • Step 5:Conclude Lease Contract
    • Submit application (letter of intent) to the lessor of the final candidate property
    • After the lessor accepts the application, receive draft lease contract and check the content

      * The client is requested to also conduct legal checks of the draft.

    • Explain the important terms of the lease pursuant to Article 35 of the Building Lots and Building Transaction Business Act
    • Conclude the lease contract
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