Leading-Edge Offices

We present here some case studies of office and workplace relocations, which are closely correlated with business strategies, directly from the people that were in charge of the relocations.

  • New Balance Japan

    New Balance Japan

    Consolidating Scattered Workplaces into a New Office That Enhances the Company’s Brand

    June 2016

  • PwC Consulting LLC

    PwC Consulting LLC

    The Japanese Arm of the World’s Largest Professional Services Network Opens a New “Frontline Base” in Tokyo’s Marunouchi District

    April 2016

  • TripAdvisor Japan

    TripAdvisor Japan

    Creating a Leading-Edge Japanese Corporate Office that Meets the U.S. Head Office’s Global Standards

    February 2016

  • SmartNews, Inc.

    SmartNews, Inc.

    Creating an Office Inspired by Shibuya—A Place Where Information and Culture of All Kinds Mix Freely

    June 2015


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