Handling of personal information

1. Purposes for Use of Client Personal Information

Sanko Estate (the Company) will use the personal information of its clients only within the scope necessary for accomplishing its services and for the purposes of use described below, pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Examples of client personal information handled by the Company

  1. Such information as clients’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, places of employment and titles at place of employment
  2. Information regarding office buildings and other real estate owned by clients

    Services Provided by the Company

    The Company provides the following services.

  • Leasing brokerage services for rental real estate
  • Due diligence services for investment real estate
  • Consulting services for various types of real estate
  • Other operations incidental to the above services

    Purposes of Use

    The Company will use client personal information for the following purposes:

  • Implementation of real estate leasing agency and brokerage services (depending on the nature of the agency and brokerage services, personal information of the lessors, lessees and purchasers may be provided to relevant third parties, within the scope necessary for implementing services in an appropriate manner)
  • Implementation of operation and administration services for rental real estate
  • Appropriate implementation of consigned processing of personal information in whole or in part if consigned to do such by other operators, etc.
  • Provision of information on real properties
  • Sending the Company’s publications and other materials to clients (when such services are consigned to external parties, the Company shall only provide personal information within the scope necessary for conducting the consigned services)
  • Exercise of rights and implementation of obligations pursuant to contracts with clients or laws and regulations
  • Appropriate and smooth implementation of transactions and contracts with clients

2. Disclosure and Provision of Client Personal Information to Third Parties

Client personal information held by the Company may be disclosed to third parties in the following cases.

  • When consent has been obtained from the relevant individuals
  • When disclosure or provision is based on laws and regulations
  • When it is necessary to do so for protecting human life, bodily injury or estates, in cases when it is difficult to obtain consent from the relevant individuals
  • When it is necessary to do so, particularly for improvement of public health or the promotion of the sound development of children, in cases when it is difficult to obtain consent from the relevant individuals
  • When it is necessary to cooperate with national administrative organs, local governments or parties entrusted by them in conducting administrative operations designated by laws and regulations, in cases when obtaining consent from the relevant individuals may cause problems in conducting such operations
  • Such required items as property information, names and addresses may be provided to third parties including the Company’s business partners and subcontractors by way of document, postal matter, phone, the internet, e-mail, advertising media or other means, within the scope necessary for accomplishing the Company’s services as described in the Services Provided by the Company in above 1. and purposes of use.
    Furthermore, provision of personal information shall be stopped when requested by relevant individuals.

(Examples of third parties to which personal information may be provided)

  1. Counterparties of contracts or potential clients who may become counterparties
  2. Lessors in lease contracts
  3. Management companies involved in building management and other services
  4. Trust beneficiaries, trustees and persons authorized to give directions to trustees when the subject buildings are entrusted through trust agreements
  5. The Company’s group companies with equity interests
  6. Other building lots and buildings transaction business operators
  7. Agencies of internet advertisement and associations of real estate operators
  8. Designated sales and distribution organizations (for conducting tasks such as property registrations, notification of contract conclusions, and marketing and price assessments by utilizing the data of the organizations)
  9. Judicial scriveners, land and house investigators and registered surveyors with regard to real estate registrations, etc.
  10. Financial institutions involved in lending, etc.
  11. Management companies involved in real estate management and other services
  12. Credit information institutions and real estate survey institutions, etc.

3. Request by Clients for Stop of Use and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Please contact the following Personal Information Use Discontinuation Desk If you do not consent to the use or provision to third parties of your personal information. The Company will immediately take measures to discontinue the use of your personal information.