Case Study

We present here some case studies of office and workplace relocations, which are closely correlated with business strategies, directly from the people in charge of the relocations.

*The articles are based on interviews conducted in the past, and may contain descriptions that may differ than the present.

A New Office with Dedicated Showrooms for Brands as a Sales Tool

Interviewed in August 2019

A Hobby Entertainment Company Reforms Its Working Methods with a New Office Design

Interviewed in March 2019

A Leading Global Consulting Firm Puts Employees First with New State-of-the-Art Office

Interviewed in April 2018

Improving Employee Interaction by Using Space More Efficiently

Interviewed in June 2017

The Japanese Arm of the World’s Largest Professional Services Network Opens a New “Frontline Base” in Tokyo’s Marunouchi District

Interviewed in April 2016

Creating a Leading-Edge Japanese Corporate Office that Meets the U.S. Head Office’s Global Standards

Interviewed in February 2016

Creating an Office Inspired by Shibuya--A Place Where Information and Culture of All Kinds Mix Freely

Interviewed in June 2015

Global Certification Organization’s Improvements Create More Work-Friendly Environment

Interviewed in March 2015

Creating Japanese-style Office Based on Global Standards of U.S. Offices

Interviewed in December 2014

Relocating to 3,000 tsubo (approx. 9,900㎡/106,750ft²) Office in Just Four Months: A Project Producing Many Benefits

Interviewed in February 2014

An Open, Flexible Office Concept That Creates a Sense of Unity

Interviewed in June 2013