Thank you for your consideration.

Since our founding, we have been supporting corporate management from the perspective of office strategies as a company specializing in office brokerage as well as by holding fast to our “client-first principle” and “providing clients with highly satisfying services that give them assurance,” as set in our management philosophy.

The “Sanko” in Sanko Estate is interpreted in Japanese as “happiness of three parties,” and represents our hope that the three parties—tenant companies, building owners and ourselves—can grow together. To that end, based on our management philosophy, we are proactively working to provide new services and reinforce consulting strengths by accurately grasping changes in society and technology and evolving ourselves.

Recent rapid technological innovations have facilitated changes in working style and work environment, making the construction of strategic offices adapting to such change an ever more important business task. In order to accommodate the diversifying needs of clients, advice from experts who take into consideration the wishes of clients and possess advanced practical skills is thought imperative. We will strive to better ourselves wholeheartedly to ensure that we can contribute to office strategies by providing services that exceed expectations.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Shigeo Takei, President
Sanko Estate Co., Ltd.