Basic Policy for Anti-Social Forces

July 7, 2018
Shigeo Takei, President
Sanko Estate Co., Ltd.

Sanko Estate (the Company) declares the following basic policy for anti-social forces in order to ensure the appropriateness and soundness of its real estate brokerage operations including leasing brokerage services for office buildings.

Basic Policy

  1. The Company fully understands its social responsibility to eliminate anti-social forces and is always prepared, as a unified organization, to reject any unjustified demands from anti-social forces. The Company will also secure the safety of its employees who handle anti-social force issues.
  2. The Company will not have any relationship including business or transactional relationships, with anti-social forces.
  3. The Company will adamantly reject any unjustified demands or interventions by anti-social forces and will take all necessary legal measures to deal with any such demands or interventions, including taking civil and criminal actions.
  4. The Company will never exchange funds or negotiate backroom deals with anti-social forces, nor accept unjustified demands or interventions for any reason whatsoever, including any demands related to any misconduct by the Company.
  5. The Company will always work to establish close cooperative relationships with specialized external agencies such as the police and attorneys, in preparation for dealing with unjustified demands and interventions by anti-social forces.